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BCAA held its Annual General Meeting on 28 September 2016. Members may be interested in looking at brief notes of the AGM and/or the detail of the Club President’s report on the the past year.

Outbreaks of KHV have been reported at several West Yorkshire fishing venues recently. As a precaution, a temporary keep net ban is now in place.
Bradford City AA is sorry for any inconvenience this causes for members, but is sure you will understand that the bio-security of our fisheries is paramount. Notices have been posted at the fisheries – please take heed of them!

(KHV – Koi Herpes Virus – is a virus which is easily spread on any equipment which makes contact with infected waters. It causes large scale fish fatalities, especially in species of the carp family. There is no known cure for the disease. Any fish not killed by the virus may still act as carriers to spread the disease and may be present in waters which haven’t yet been confirmed as infected sites. If the virus spreads to BCAA waters, fish stocks could be wiped out.)

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Bradford City Angling Association
Don’t let the name confuse you. Bradford City Angling Association does have fishing a short bus ride from the centre of Bradford in Yorkshire. But a quick look at the Our Fisheries page will show you just how many other fishing waters we have, scattered throughout the Yorkshire Dales.

Is your interest in catching a 20lb carp from the Association’s own lakes? Is it Match fishing or trying to outwit the trout on one of our fly-only river beats?

You might even try for a salmon or sea trout on our own stretch of the River Ribble. Whatever you want, we have fishing for you.

Are you planning a visit to Yorkshire, or are you a genuine ‘Tyke’ who normally fishes day-ticket waters?

Whichever, why not Join Online or contact us for information and details about the Club? If you’d rather not buy on-line, use the Application Form

Membership enquiries
Jim Munden
Tel: 0113 267 3478
Mob: 07940 814431
E-mail: memsec.bradfordcityaa@gmail.com

Membership costs not much more than you might pay for just a couple of days’ fishing on a typical trout or coarse fishery but gives you access to all our waters for a full 12 months (subject to the close season).

We also have Guest Tickets, for members to take a friend to try a fishery or two.

We have a thriving Fly-Fishing Section, which runs an Open Day at the waterside for anglers new to using the fly; and a well-established and thriving Match Section.

Regular working parties work to keep our Waters in tip-top order.